Semaj Store Gift-Sets (Pre-Packaged)



There are so many reasons to buy and share gift-sets from Semaj Store. First are exceptional incenses, then add air-fresheners, and other products from Semaj Store. There are colorful incense holders and oil burners as well. The reusable, box and/or bag gift-set is topped with a hand-tied ribbon. No need to do any special gift wrapping with these sets, just add the person's name & delivery! 


Give that special someone or yourself something you'll love and use⁠—a unique Semaj Store Gift-Set! Try a new scent today.


Semaj Store Gift-Sets (Pre-Packaged) include or may not include the following sets:


SAMPLE A FOR $15-*special: strawberry bar soap, 3 air-fresheners, and 2 mini crystal healing gemstones.


SAMPLE B FOR $20: oil burner, 2 concentrate oils, 2 tealight candles, and 2 succulent cactus tealights.


SAMPLE C FOR $25: 4 incense boxes, incense pack, incense box, incense cones, Kamini bar soap, scented candle, TLM body butter, lighters, and an incense holder.


SAMPLE D FOR $30: incense pack, incense box, matches, air-freshener, coconut bar soap, mini crystal healing gemstones, succulent cactus tealight, scented candle, chapstick, and face mask.


SAMPLE E FOR $40: 8 incense boxes, Zen incense, incense cones, face mask, scented candle, incense holder, and mini crystal healing gemstones.



Quantities limited. Special purchases are available while supplies last. 


Semaj Store Gift-Sets (Pre-Packaged)