Scented Votive Candles for relaxation & aromatherapy 



  • Instantly transform the atmosphere in your surroundings by lightning one scented votive candle. Choose from a wide variety of FLORAL, FRUITY & SPICY fragrances to create any ambiance you desire.


  • STIMULATE YOUR SENSES With this Scented Candle you can imbue any of your rooms with distinctive aromas.




  • Feeling the blues and need an uplift? Try JASMINE, LAVENDER, or ROSE.
  • Need a scent to enhance your mental clarity & focus? Try COFEE or APPLE CINNAMON.
  • Want to create a relaxing atmosphere? Try VANILLA or CHOCOLATE.
  • Like to go back in time and remember the smell of your aunt's favorite Apple Pie? Use GREEN APPLE, BISCUIT & CINNAMON.
  • Or do you simply want to add a touch of springtime to your surroundings? Go for CHERRY; CRANBERRY, ORANGE or STRAWBERRY


  • DIFFERENT AROMAS: Biscuit, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Green Apple, Jasmine, Lavender, Orange, Rose, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon, and Coffee


  • HIGH-QUALITY SCENTED CANDLES: Candles are clean-burning, long-lasting - 16 hrs continuous burning each - and infused with just enough essential oils to permeate your surroundings with subtle yet stimulating fragrances that won’t overwhelm your senses






CAUTION: To prevent fire burn candle within sight. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Never put on or near anything that can catch fire. 


*The color of the actual candles varies, not what the picture identifies.

Scented Votive Candles for relaxation & aromatherapy



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